Bat-Sheep Cycling

As they’re burning the last calorie they've got struggling up a steep incline in the trail—pushing to win the podium in the big race they’ve prepared for—trained cyclists intuitively feel that their bike is a part of themselves. Like a skilled swordsmen feels their blade as an extension of the hand, a skilled cycler feels the metal and rubber wheels under them as an extension of their own legs. 


While one could very easily live their whole life riding a bike designed for a generic human approximately the right size, a bike created to fit the rider like a glove can turn an 80% ride into the 100% perfect ride we strive for. The team at Black Sheep Bikes makes such bikes.

A Custom Black Sheep Badge

A Custom Black Sheep Badge

The folks at Black Sheep aren’t just manufacturing bikes though, they have designers that are truly passionate about the work they do. They’re excited to implement whatever dream bike you have in your head. They also understand that form and function are one in the same, and the result is a beautiful work of art that essentially floats over the trail.

It’s because of this that Bethann Trollman, CoFounder of Bat, was so excited to get a chance to have her own bike made. Even more so because Bethann is too small for the popular 29 inch wheels, but the smaller 26 inch wheels are tougher to maintain speed on during a race.

"I feel like they've either been too small to race, or too big for me. So I'm very excited to get a bike that's just right. I feel like Goldilocks" They're going to tailor the bike to not just her size, but also her riding style, needs, and even personality. That’s the part that’s simply fun, getting to have input on the final colors and logo etched into the bike. The designers seem to totally love getting input on the design of the bikes. As Bethann puts it, "he's even more excited than I am, I think".

Beth's "badge" is going to be a sheep wearing the skin of a bat à la a sheep in wolves skin. The titanium framed Soft Tail High Light 650B is the model of bike Beth chose, and Black Sheep is now in the process of building her a personal bike based on that general model.

You can find out more at the Black Sheep Website.

Bat at the Island Lake Race

Bethann & Marc Senters both represented Aberdeen bikes and Batcycle at the Island Lake Race this Saturday.

The team had a lot of fun. The weather was just cold enough to keep the racers cool, and the rain clouds kept to themselves mostly.

Bethann Trollman secured 3rd place after a hard fought race, but the effort was worth it to stand on the podium next to Karey Collins.

Marc Senters raced under our colors for the very first time. He took the honor seriously, and put in so much effort he literally puked. Marc finished 9 out of 15.

Overall it was a great race. You can find the results on the Tailwind Site.

Learning a Bit About The Science of Exercise

"The stress of training causes micro tears in your muscles. Your body then repairs the damage, which results in an inflammatory response (the swelling and tenderness­ you feel after a hard workout or race). This rebuilding process creates stronger muscles—but only if the body has adequate time to heal."

Though it's a very important component of an exercise routine, many people overlook the "active rest" portion of their workouts. A post ride cooldown is very important when trying to get the most out of your training plan.

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